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The Path to our Body`s Intelligence

Fork of the Road

´Our body is the true gift, a container and wellspring of invaluable wisdom. `

At the onset of  the latest virus  season, I find myself in a fit of unstoppable sneezes , tearing eyes, running nose, and I hear from those around me,  “ Everybody is getting this virus.”

I wonder what causes us to hold such beliefs. Yes, of course, lately I have suffered moments and periods of lethargic isolation and a depleted sense of purpose. As the symptoms progressed, they sounded an invaluable message and attunement to the body.

During our seasonal changes what are the messages that nature offers?  How often due to cultural and social conditioning do we dismiss these messages? For every dis-ease or dis-ill to the body is a message to behold.  It tells us of our misalignments and disconnection to the magic of this inner wisdom.

To join the group or a national…

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